Lost Farm – Dragon Fruit Infused with Guava Berry Live Resin Gummies – Indica – 1 Pack


Dragon fruit flavoured gummies made without animal products and infused with Guava Berry 100% live resin for a full-spectrum, true-to-plant high.

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Flavours of bright, juicy dragon fruit and sweet pomegranate are underscored by the unique citrus and berry bouquet found in the indica-dominant Guava Berry strain. Lost Farm gummies are made without animal products, strain-specific and infused with 100% live resin for a distinctively richer and more complex, true-to-the-plant high. At the time of harvest, cannabis flower is flash-frozen to preserve the rich flavours, complex aromas and broad terpene profiles typically lost in most edibles. From there, the flower is delicately extracted to create live resin, which is infused to create an edible with unparalleled flavour. Lost Farm is where past and future, nature and technology merge. Where the ambition of master cultivators meets the vision of edible engineers. Here, we make the freshest, most mouth-watering fruit-flavoured edibles featuring some of the most exciting cannabis strains for the most sophisticated consumers. Novices need not apply.


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