Ambr x Glenn’s – Hawaiian Slap Gummies – Hybrid – 4 Pack


Ambr x Glenn’s collaboration of delicious cube shaped soft chews in Glenn’s Hawaiian Slap flavour at an incredible price.

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Glenn’s is a value-priced, high quality THC/CBD edible in soft chew form that promises low prices, an extensive offering of true confectionery flavours and a unique texture. Our edibles are unique in three ways. They have a unique and attractive “ripple” appearance, like old-fashioned candy and ice cream, thanks to a proprietary moulding technique. They have a satisfying firmer texture — no mushy soft chews from Glenn’s. Glenn’s flavours and variety of flavours are second to none and can be produced in a nearly endless flavour combinations thanks to our proprietary “ripple” technique. This includes on-trend seasonal favourites throughout the year, keeping the breadth of available products fresh and exciting 365 days a year. Glenn’s founders have seven years of production experience in the legacy market. During that time, trial and error led to perfecting a flawless process for flavouring composition.


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Ambr x Glenn’s

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